Concrete & Stone Patios

Concrete and Stone patio's built and restored

Concrete and Stone Patios

A concrete patio or natural stone is a cost-effective way to improve your house and backyard. Even though wooden decks are common, concrete & natural stone patios and concrete stones have increased in popularity.

There are a wide selection of decorative and design options that can easily be incorporated into the existing landscape designs of your backyard, or by entirely redesigning your existing property. Whichever way, concrete patios and concrete slabs are economical and long lasting.

There are many options — such as straight concrete, or a concrete-base mixed with slate, tile, brick or flagstone, natural stone for example. Concrete typically costs less than wood decks because they require less labor to finish and maintain. With modern concrete you can also polish the surface to give that marble look.

A patio built with concrete or stone pavers will last for decades without any significant maintenance. They are very durable. Compared to a wooden deck which needs maintenance and been know to rot and fall down. You don’t need to seal/reseal concrete slabs or pavers, and because of the joints (seam between each stone, paver or slab) these joints will help protect your patio from cracking as a result of the ground settling or extreme weather.


Concrete and Stone Patio Repairs

Have an old concrete or stone patio in need of repairs? No problem, we can repair or resurface any patio. You don’t have to live with an eye sore anymore, just give us a call for your free estimate!

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